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	It's worth pointing out that different cultures use different definitions of incest.  Our modern definition tends to emphasize close blood relationship.  Sex between siblings is definitely incest, sex between first cousins is probably incest, sex between second cousins probably isn't.  Sex between step-siblings, or step-parent and step-child (like Woody Allen) isn't incest, but seems close enough to it to be creepy.
	For comparison, the 12th century Church definition of incest was very different.  Seventh cousins were unable to marry for reasons of incest.  Fictive ties such as a marriage and god-parentage also applied, so that one could not marry the sister of your sibling's spouse.  Nor could you marry someone related to your godparent or the priest who baptized you, or the relatives of anyone you had had sex with (so sleeping with your wife's sister is incest).  	
	In other cultures, incest is only possible within the immediate nuclear family, so that an uncle may marry his niece.
	In Glorantha, its safe to say that most Gloranthan cultures (at least the human cultures) have a notion of incest, but they may not have the same definition of it.  In my Praxian campaign, incest includes sex with anyone from your immediate sept, even if they're not actually a blood-relative at all.

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> On 19 Feb 2012, at 23:39, Guy Hoyle wrote:
> > "Final Days at Skullpoint", in *Gathering Thunder*. There's a quote on p.33: "Incest -- knowing or not -- is taboo in most cultures, including all Orlanthi. Its spiritual cnsequences are horrific..." I think it's safe to assume that "most cultures" includes Praxian.
> Although I think that this was a good if complicated scenario, I'm not sure I would use Ron's quotes on incest as an overall Gloranthan rule in my Glorantha, for the scenario yes as it's key to the story (MGF), but not overall. If you liked that one he wrote an interesting article on Thed (warning adult themes):
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