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I seem to recall a Sartarite woman often joins her husbands clan on marriage? Young lovers within the same clan could theoretically get round the sweeping prohibition on same clan sex by marrying the lady in question off to some poor bloke, changing her clan status and then marrying her themselves after she is tragically widowed!!? Does that work?

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      Peter, responding to Guy:

> The tribes are large, larger than Orlanthi tribes. The smallest

> of the Great Tribes, the High Llama, has 65,000 people, just

> over a third of Sartar's population. The chances of inbreeding

> becoming a big problem is zero.


> Secondly what was said was that the Praxians prefer to marry

> members of their own tribe. There's a big difference between

> that and only marrying first cousins.

I think Guy was partially responding to my note that, at the point before the dawn when the Praxains' population began to grow, there were under a thousand Praxians. I would guess that the majority of these looked more or less like the modern tribal types, and that each of the tribes accepted some others. At that point, the tribes all lived pretty much together at the Paps. So, they probably sorted themselves out into some groups. There would be at least a couple generations where (assuming one cares about genetics) there would be little need to even consider relatedness, since the survivors were from a much larger group. And after those couple of generations, the population grew large enough to avoid the problems.

But like I said, I think it just wasn't a problem because Glorantha isn't the real world. To the extent that real-world incest wouldn't be magically polluting, it's just not incest in Glorantha.


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