Re: history of Umathela

From: giannieanna <giannieanna_at_1-VU591ewd-d-UwHLhDli92cFFIcIWfKpS_Qu2TROB3jAAv1qI5pZOzLkEoyMa4i>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 15:11:25 -0000

Still doing research for my swords & sorcery campaign set in 2nd Age umathela. Time-wise, the campaign will be set later than 908, the canonical year of the Mongoose source books, but before the Lightbringers Quest that the Umathings are supposed to perform in the 10th century. Now-- when did this Lightbringers Quest take place?

Alternately I was thinking of setting the campaign in the 11th century, but except for "Legions of elves and trollkin defeat Lord of the World's Knowledge, ruler of Vralos and Enkloso", I couldn't find any information about 11th century Umathela. Is anything else available?


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