Re: Cannibalism in Prax (was Bestiality in Prax?)

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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 22:33:47 -0000

Yes. Oh sorry. For the purposes of this discussion I would suggest we allow cannibalism to refer to the eating of sentient beings. How acceptable this is varies with the culture and the proposed meal. I think most Praxians would agree that cannibalism is wrong. (Except for the case of newtling tails or if you one of the crazies who belongs to the Cannibal Cult. And I think they're a secret organization. I don't think they're acceptable).

In the case of the newtlings I can't remember if this is canon or not but I think the newtlings can regrow their tails so the infamous newtling hunts involves catching them, chopping their tails off and then releasing them so they can grow another yummy tail. This of course results in seriously pissed off newtlings and the marked aversion for venturing near the Zola Fel for newtling tail fans. I have visions of newtlings hiding until their tails regrow plotting revenge.

> So Black Bull the Llama Rider sits down to a cannibal dinner.
> Obviously he eats other Praxian humans. Is there morokanth
> in his cook pot? Is there a Satarite? Is there a troll? And are

I think most Praxians pretty equally repugnant. Eating sentient beings is a sign of desperation unless your a Cannibal Cult member. You're supposed to eat your own herd beasts (though you probably only rarely get to do so). They're what's best for you. Other herd beasts are an acceptable substitute, outlander animals and wild game less so. Anything that begs not to be eaten. Not good.


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