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Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 12:39:44 +0000 (GMT)

Am wondering whether it might be easier to sculpt Gloranthan Troll heads by decapitating the original Troll/Orc/Ogre/Goblin (for Trollkin) figure and replacing it with the head of a pig or wild boar, with the fur filed away so it is more skin-like.  
So the large, long-handled sickles of the Dog-eaters are called Rhomphaia -- I normally understood a Rhomphaia to be a slightly curved falx, possibly short enough to be wielded one-handed by a strong man. Certainly this is also how the weapon is more commonly sculpted by several UK-based figures manfacturers. Richard Hayes

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Subject: Re: Input for sculpting needed

thats a nice looking website. Did you do the artwork? I think I recognise that style from a few publications?

Your trolls look authentically trollpak which I think is important because you just cant find or convert trolls from other games to fit in easily with RQ.

The problem with RQ trolls is headgear. Hoods, coifs and full helms are no good because it interferes with their darksense. They also need an open helm to make full use of their bite attack. We worked out this limits them to caps, kettle helmets and petasos.

Apparently some petasos were made of metal and then covered in felt to look like hats rather than helmets. This would suit an Argan Argari merchant I would think.

In my campaign the trolls make some of the best armour, lamellar made with giant insect chitin and a sort of linothorax from woven spider silk.



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