Re: Herdmen was Cannibalism in Prax

From: Daniel <von_das_at_0G9KQDH1_RtXqQ_ayE6yL_K3Ab8MY3Clh_y5-YrnrnZUfzki3xmB0j-7iDtn_uac7Y62>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 14:15:08 -0000

A slight derail on my part, I'm afraid, but I think this is probably particularly horrifying from a Western (humanist, materialist, monotheistic, wizardly, whatever we are calling them these days) perspective, since I doubt a Westerner would accept this view of it, regardless of whether it is true or not. In fact, if more Westerners knew about the herdmen, this would probably be a popular example of why following heathen spirits is a bad idea. They'd make your life depend on an inherently unfair contest, and if you fail, you will become an animal, utterly incapable of reaching Solace! The horror!

Animists, of course, may look on this quite differently - I wonder about the hsunchen, in particular...

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