Re: HeroQuesting size limits

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_YYihW6FHLpBOIVi4iLkW71qeG6FhYEq-tmVmJNka73Fou5EGmexgS_GVJOTQcrH8OIH>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 15:50:48 -0000


> If, as the RQ rules state you have to be at least an initiate to
> heroquest then initiation quests shouldn't be purely solo.

So, you have to be an initiate to do the quest, but the quest is for initiation.

I played in an Orlanthi Initiation Quest at a convention once and a group of lads who were about to become men crossed over with a priest to Heort's Hall, then each one individually faced up to his challenge and they all came back to Heort's Hall as initiates. It was very atmospheric and worked really well.

Some initiation quests are a person going on his/her own and facing the obstacles. others involve a group of people doing the same thing. It all depends on the quest and the culture. A Foundchild initiation might be going with a hunter band and then going it alone to track down some prey, face some challenge and then returning to the hunter band afterwards.

> I've written a Yemalio initiation heroquest which I also think is
> used for gaining gifts and geases for priests and runelords.

That sounds reasonable to me. You use the same path but ask different questions along the way to get different results. Are you going to publish it anywhere?

> What I was thinking about was having a more senior cult member
> performing the quest because they're going for their rune lord
> level gift. They would be bringing along a group of would be
> initiates to gain initiate status and their first gift and geas.
> Everyone's on their own in the heroquest as far as success and
> failure goes.

That sounds OK to me.            

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