Re: Input for sculpting needed

From: varma_many_truths <ahitaylor_at_-AbBzjnJ-5JueqRSp1b9LSVCGS-ZQGPx2Frlyjt50IQ4dB3H0INlsD2vjQTnmLKY1H>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 06:41:30 -0000

Although I have heard it argued (by a player with a troll character)that magically enchanted lead should let darksense work normally.. ho ho More likely than not is that a troll "full helm" has slits for darksense rather than vision, and the troll accepts the reduction in sense as a trade off for protection, much like a later medieval knight. But I like the idea of an Argan Argar merchant in an armour plated fedora

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