Re: Herdmen was Cannibalism in Prax

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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:54:45 -0000

>> And I think such gatherings of angry ghosts were likely more common in the early first age, soon after the Darkness.

> I don't. Such cities of the dead or whatever may have been common in the Great Darkness but you had cultural heroes going around teaching people the difference between the living and the dead in the Gray Age.

The cultural hero in Seshnela was Pendal, son of Basmol.   

> In my opinion, you will only get hordes of evil and insane ghosts in the aftermath of great calamities such as the destruction of Genert's Garden, the Gbaji Wars, the massed suicide at the end of Yanoor's reign or whatever the God Learners did. There's probably quite few such places created by the Lunar Empire.

Rist and Erigia suffered the forest burns, but the vengeful spirits rather fled into neighboring forests. The battlegrounds of the Nights of Horror, Burntwall or First Battle of Chaos probably had such - in fact, the Mad Sultanate was one such.

> Now for there to be a problem of evil ghosts in Nolos, I really would like to see evidence of such a calamity in Seshnelan history.

It would be wrong to look in Seshnelan history (since Dawn). You'd have to look at the Storm Age and the Darkness.

> But it doesn't fit for Dawn Age Seshnela because at first there's hardly any population to begin with and also that the Seshnegi don't have the same problems.

The population density of Prax and the Wastes at the Dawn was negligible while such angry ghosts "thrived", so this is not much of an argument against ghost-ridden places there.

Likiti Seshnela would easily have had the same population density as Genert's Garden or Tada's Prax, in a similar culture. Chaos armies did visit the general region.

Such parts could always be placed in the drowned southern part of the peninsula. Seshnela since the Dawn is quite well documented, Seshnela prior to the Dawn is pretty much a blank spot on the map, or if you prefer a forested spot.

Former lowlands were washed over by the Solkathi current, to be met by Zzabur's magic. Known collateral damage: fried or boiled "beakies". Unknown collateral damage: probably plenty. Other Zzaburi magics weren't any more forgiving towards subhumans from outside of Danmalastan.

Vadeli may well have visited. Vadrus and his horde definitely did, creating the Wareran Race.

Finally, there may have been unknown civilizations that left only a few haunted ruins no one heard much of, just like the Feldichi in Dorastor. All of historical Glorantha is a patchwork of shards salvaged from the shattering of the world, with areas between well-defined places often only vague and sometimes forgotten most of the time. Fading lands (like Castle Blue or the Hidden Greens) might be found almost anywhere at the seams, keeping story options wide open.            

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