Re: Cannibalism in Prax (was Bestiality in Prax?)

From: jorganos <joe_at_5-EFPVjtxSBuIdrKXN8j1R_csC1s4ncLv5IA8z0z1eQnvtDTDt_E6-hbUC3kH7s_cp4zRwRo>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 13:33:22 -0000

> Ok, but how do they survive otherwise? Prax is an extremely harsh place. [...]

> What do the Cannibal Cultists do for food other than have the occasional holiday feast of mock-pork? It seems unlikely that they can be as effective as hunters as the Agimori, since they lack the Men-and-a-Half's special adaptations, and the Agimori are a pretty marginal group, just barely surviving when compared to the Beast Nomads. I guess it seems likely to me that cannibalism is the particular adaptive strategy that the CC uses to survive.

Cannibalism simply makes the collateral bodies of herd raids less wasteful.

> Are you suggesting that the CC is confined to a particular oasis that is haunted enough that other Praxians avoid it? That's an interesting idea, but it sort of limits what one can do with them.

If they have a waterhole that is protected from human access (and Praxian-owned herds) by angry ghosts that leave other natural life unmolested, they got a hunter's paradise.

Those would be strongholds, but even so, they would require some fallow times.            

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