Re: Herdmen was Cannibalism in Prax

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On 2/23/2012 9:35 PM, jorganos wrote:

>> That's no good because there's a reset of a sorts once the Great Darkness has ended and the Cosmos revived. There's no horde of evil ghosts created from mythical catastrophes.

> Both the ones in the Wastes and those in Zamokil are exactly that. Firefall and Generts Fall both predate the Greater Darkness, and the ensuing starvation as well.

The Cosmos wasn't healed in the Wastelands as it was elsewhere. I presume the same goes for the Nargan.

>> Except that any devastation of Seshnela is hardly comparable to that of the Wastes or the Nargan.
> Ghosts aren't about devastation (those of Yanoor originated in a land of plenty), but about personal death and a strong unfulfilled desire.

Joerg, we are talking about circumstances in which large numbers of ghosts were made. Such circumstances can only occur in places of widespread destruction. Thus they will be found at the Dawn in the Wastelands and the Nargan., not Seshnela. Later on, Dorastor and Kralorela qualify.

> The Pendali lands (hunting range) were all of Seshnela,

I didn't say the Pendali Hunting Lands, did I? I said the Pendali Lands, If they didn't live where there were hordes of angry ghosts then there is no reason for them to develop a cannibal cult to control them.

>> A few haunted ruins does not create the hordes of evil ghosts that give rise to the cannibal cult solution, any ghosts can be resolved through conventional methods. What is required is large loss of life from a particularly bad calamity.
> Eradicating a civilization would be regarded as such, from the perspective of the victims.

The perspective of the victims is irrelevant. What matters is the total number of ghosts. Any religion can handle a hunted ruin no matter how insane with grief its ghosts are. A whole land of such ghosts is something else, requiring a cannibal cult solution. In Kralorela, this is at least tens of thousands and can arguably be a significant fraction of any kralori who died during ShangHsa's reign.

> The Lascerdan ghosts had to be summoned to wreak havoc on the Umathelans,

What actually destroyed the God Learners of Umathela were their "revengeful river gods", not summoned ghosts. And I think it more probably the God Learners unleashed the river gods against the Aldryami in a last ditch attempt - after all, it wasn't the God Learners who exterminated the Lascerdans so there is no reason why the river gods should have any hatred of them.

> but quite often all that is required to unleash a plague of ghosts is to slash a single seal warding them in.

We are not talking about unleashing a plague of ghosts. We are talking about a land where ghosts are found in such large numbers that they threaten to overwhelm the living. If all that was necessary was to contain ghostly hordes was a magical seal then I think Kralorela would have done it long ago. Instead their method is toleration of the Cannibal Cult!

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