Re: Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

From: Trotsky <TTrotsky_at_n-eXOTfAMBJBhptM6GhSBHNr8dNFRoUbvSgzyw4OQGVYVrYfIOn1x0S3bBsGWJyiy4w>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 22:11:50 +0000

Simon Phipp wrote:
> Bryan:
> > We just completed the raising of the Boat Planet, from the last
> > of the HQ1 supplements….and I haven't seen my copy of King of
> > Sartar for quite some time (it may still be hiding around the house
> > somewhere, but I'm beginning to despair….).
> As a matter of interest, does anyone have any ideas about what effects
> the Boat Rise would have?

If I recall rightly, the main effect (worldwide, at any rate) is that the Closing ends. Although nobody notices for some time, given that they're still doing the Opening ceremony with every voyage like they used to.

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