Re: Is Treeleaper a major hero in 1600?

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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 06:29:48 -0000

In Dragon Pass boardgame terms, I would have given Treeleaper about the same stats as a Praxian Khan - a leadership bonus and the minimal personal fighting power.

Treeleaper doesn't eliminate military units on his own, but his presence will increase the fighting spirit of others. I'd give him a capital H in hero, but wouldn't compare him to the top rank. I can't really judge Gunda's power (she's first and foremost the Superhero's sidekick), but Ethilrist is definitely on a different tier, as are the Inhuman King and Moonson - just a step away from Harrek or JarEel, or rather taking a different approach in their power.

> The (awesome) new material about Sartar tells us that Treeleaper was not just a famous tribal king, but a Hero who still in his prime when well over a hundred years old.

> HeroQuest has moved into very abstract treatment of relative power, but I hope this question still has a more or less official answer.

> Is Treeleaper supposedly an individual of heroic power and importance such as Sir Ethilrist and Gunda the Guilty? Is he supposed to have been a capital H hero such as they, or on some lower-yet-still-significant tier?
> -Adept the finn

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