Re: Status on the Guide

From: hcarteau_at_LbkQB2S1hV0_5k0DHRnuQEJ798jim2iH9_DszUvZMNahzHVwTpYsUd_RK-mkLPPLAgu
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 11:53:33 +0100 (CET)

Currently finished are the draft chapters for: the Holy Country, Dragon Pass, the Lunar Empire, Maniria, Prax, Elder Wilds, Pent, Fronela, Ralios, and Seshnela. Each have been done in the same format as the Genertela boxed set, but with FAR more detail and information. In progress now are the Vithelan cultures (East Islands, Kralorela, and Teshnos), and then on to Pamaltela...... At this point, page count is unknown but it is shaping up to be comparable to Sartar.

/// Y'all might be surprised by the West. It's still recognizable in parts and brand new in other aspects. Definitely less medevial christian, more... something else. While there is still ample room for interepretation and ambiguity, many points have been made much clearer and the big picture is easier to see. It is a very meta-, godlearner book. Let the unwise shield their eyes !

Walk in Joy.            

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