Re: What colour is moonlight?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_9l2OHd4yOWP35c7G-Zl8Zc2Rkjvqs3neid-ZneV779T5iQdcLRdVH4ToSYfsnfRmvCMM>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 06:12:34 -0000

> This just came up in my game. I described the night as being bathed in
> red moonlight and one of my players disagreed. They pointed out that the
> region directly under the moon is SILVER shadow and that there are a
> whole sequence of silver related concepts relating to the moon.

YGWV, but the light of the Red Moon is bathed in red, not silver. At least that is how it appears to those not deep in the Red Goddess' secrets.

 > Obviously white/silver light is better than red when it comes to seeing
> at night so is it true that while the moon appears red it casts a white
> light? And if not, why all the silver references?

The name of the Silver Shadow is taken from the mystical light of the Red Goddess, which is called the "Silver Shadow". It is invisible to all but the Select. Unless your players are a bunch of Dark Moon illuminates, I'd say it is a reddish light for them - even directly underneath the Red Moon.


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