Re: Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

From: David Scott <sciencefish_at_K0S3JUsBDpFd8L-jfUNuK8rnjIlLVCFFihINEWWYNCO2KcZBVfJn9fDc7ahB344p>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 10:00:53 +0000

On 25 Feb 2012, at 21:41, Keith wrote:

> The return of Basmol could mark the return of Green and Pleasant land status of Prax, and the end of the Waha way of life.

I think that the greening of Prax has a number of strands, perhaps the return of Basmol being one of them. But what of the bigger problems? The huge Storm Bull over the wastes scouring the land, the Devil's remains under the block, the lack of a proper rain god to bring water to the land. I see Storm Bull as the biggest problem.

The way of Waha will just alter as it did when the Sables migrated to Peloria, Tales 15 gives a clue to this "The transplanted nomads of Fronela and Peloria still worship him in a much altered form. There, he is the god of butchers and slaughterhouses. rather than the khan-of-khans."


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