Re: Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 10:33:56 -0000

David Scott:

replying to Keith's:
>> The return of Basmol could mark the return of Green and Pleasant land status of Prax, and the end of the Waha way of life.

> I think that the greening of Prax has a number of strands, perhaps the return of Basmol being one of them.

Actually, I think that the return of Basmol is a means to prevent the greening of Prax. A pivotal quest to initiate the recovery of Prax is to revive Tada, and in order to do this you have to assemble the Grisly Portions, including the lion hide Tada took from Basmol. If that hide is returned to that invader spirit, reviving Tada becomes a tad problematic.

Once Tada is returned to Prax, I think he would have to return Eiritha from her hideout beneath the Eiritha hills.

> But what of the bigger problems? The huge Storm Bull over the wastes scouring the land, the Devil's remains under the block, the lack of a proper rain god to bring water to the land. I see Storm Bull as the biggest problem.

Returning his wife might produce all the calming effect the land needs for regular rains to enter Prax.

> The way of Waha will just alter as it did when the Sables migrated to Peloria, Tales 15 gives a clue to this "The transplanted nomads of Fronela and Peloria still worship him in a much altered form. There, he is the god of butchers and slaughterhouses. rather than the khan-of-khans."

The Sables are the only Praxian tribe in exile to retain their Way of Waha by using the Hungry Plateau as a self-chosen reservate for their way of life. Even those Sables placed high in the Lunar Bureaucracy and embroiled in the decadent ways of the empire have to send their children to the plateau in order to make them adults of their clan.            

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