Re: Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_IT9fLcBM-WpTVsKmLhveTObVA_1YA_fzAWRbYclVUTaR_uMGyTQO1WNy0MyJdSVj>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 15:13:22 -0000

IMG: Argrath succeeds in ejecting the lunars from Pavis. Roneer ejects them from Moonbroth in the third battle of Moonbroth. Argrath leaves Prax, but the white bull brotherhood remains.

The oasis people and the nomads success in raising Tada, but the nomads are unahppy to discover that he's not who they thought he was. That starts an ongoing conflict with the oasis people as they try to build fences..

The return of Basmol kicks off the great hunt, where the nomads go to war with lions and lion people.

Many people ultimately succeed in raising Genert. But this does not bring a miracle of fertility to the plaines. Spirits and gods have to be worshipped. No one knows how to worship Genert. He has no stories that tell anyone how to do so. He just gets collateral worship.

But the 48 old ones are suddently very valuable. Someone steal their medicine bundles from the Paps and the Most Respected Elder is furious.

The white bull khans are seeking the gold wheel dancers, and the rabbit people, and the missing tribes, and the giants. They are delving into the rhino tribe's past, and discover something startling about Waha. Dragons have been sighted. And still the white bull warns of what's coming.


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