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> > A pivotal quest to initiate the recovery of Prax is to revive Tada, and in order to do this you have to assemble the Grisly Portions, including the lion hide Tada took from Basmol. If that hide is returned to that invader spirit, reviving Tada becomes a tad problematic.

> The lion skin cloak is actually Tada's own skin (from the Tada Q&A

I think that you misread that, or do you also mean that the cudgel is Tada's severed shlong? The Grisly portions now carried along by the Praxians all are accoutrements of Tada, not body parts. No idea how and why they were titled such.

>> Once Tada is returned to Prax, I think he would have to return Eiritha from her hideout beneath the Eiritha hills.

> Why is Tada needed at all? Just because Tada hid Eiritha doesn't mean he has to recover her, we all know where she is. However bringing her to a less than green land wouldn't work in the long run (IMO).

Check the FAQ you mentioned - it's all in his loincloth.

> I know the Q&A says: "His appearance would mark a return of the Green Age in Prax, perhaps in the whole wastes.", but he was a "handsome and well-loved hero at the side of Genert". Surely Genert is more important? The Q&A implies that once the grisly portions are assembled, a spirit army appears. His destruction by Ragnaglar, although not complete, doesn't seem to let him return.

Genert is fairly unimportant in Prax, really - if he returned all of the Wastes would bloom again, and the dry storms of Stom Bull would cease to be that destructive, but Prax has its own earth king, and that is Tada.

Prax once was a Redwood Savannah (which I have quite a hard time to imagine, I admit), ruled by Tada as husband-protector of Eiritha of the Paps (or whatever that site was called before Eiritha was buried). The Beast nomads grazed the lush open lands between the tree stands, while the Tada-shi lived in cities and probably practiced some sort of horticulture. Even after Tada was slain in the battle with Ragnaglar, the land still had its forests and mild vegetation. It was only during the cold times of the Greater Darkness that the trees were fed to Oakfed to keep the natives warm (according to Praxian myth, I think in NG or CoP) or to burn down the chaos invasions coming from the north (according to Roundstone traditions, DP:LoT).

The complete burning of those forests (as opposed to the regular fires required for the trees to seed again) left behind lots of bitter and even poisonous ashes which accumulated over time in the Dead Place. It was this act of destruction that finally created the chaparral.

Why is Tada important? It is through him that the Redwood spirit and the Tada-shi can return to Prax. He hid the fertility of the land, he should be able to return it.

In the Nomad God boardgame, Tada was an optional Superhero counter that could be summoned by the Rangers at the Tumulus.

>> Returning his wife might produce all the calming effect the land needs for regular rains to enter Prax.

> Can Eiritha calm Storm Bull?

Well, excite him in different ways... As in the elemental succession, "earth nags storm". Or in this case, beds him.

> I though that was Chalana Arroys role.

CA brings him back from berserker rage. He still remains as bad tempered and violent after "calming down", possibly due to sexual deprevation.

> Who would bring the regular rains? there is no rain god in Prax. You need something huge to happen to change this (the Hero Wars).

There is, he's called Little Brother.

Actually, in a year without much Storm Bull activity, Prax is a fairly pleasant land even in the Chaparral (if you belong to a culture of nomadic herders, that is). Only when the regular rain is kept out of Prax, the land really dries up.

>> Even those Sables placed high in the Lunar Bureaucracy and embroiled in the decadent ways of the empire have to send their children to the plateau in order to make them adults of their clan.

> Can you tell please tell me the source of this. Thanks

ILH 1, p.25 tells us that they maintain their nomadic lifestyle on the plateau, in the same breath as naming their current leaders sophisticated Lunars. It is quite clear that such a culture cannot initiate their young people in the cities of the tributary lands.            

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