Re: Tada and Prax was Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

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I'm guessing that this may be a somewhat reversed British Empire kind of thing.  The men and women employed as Lunar officials serve the Empire wherever they are posted.  The kids stay with the clans on the plains, until the youngsters are brought to proper Lunar (boarding?) schools when they're old enough.  They'd have to head back to the plains from time to time to get the proper training and initiation into the clan life, though.  This didn't work so well in Canada for aboriginal people, so I can see a proportion of these children who get lost between their two worlds.  Plenty of material for roleplaying and cultural angst, in other words.  


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>>> Even those Sables placed high in the Lunar Bureaucracy and embroiled in the decadent ways of the empire have to send their children to the plateau in order to make them adults of their clan.
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> > Can you tell please tell me the source of this. Thanks
>ILH 1, p.25 tells us that they maintain their nomadic lifestyle on the plateau, in the same breath as naming their current leaders sophisticated Lunars. It is quite clear that such a culture cannot initiate their young people in the cities of the tributary lands.

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