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On 26 Feb 2012, at 18:40, jorganos wrote:

> I think that you misread that, or do you also mean that the cudgel is Tada's severed shlong? The Grisly portions now carried along by the Praxians all are accoutrements of Tada, not body parts. No idea how and why they were titled such.

As Peter said the Q&A says the parts are actually Tada's parts. IMO the loincloth is his penis.

> > Why is Tada needed at all? Just because Tada hid Eiritha doesn't mean he has to recover her, we all know where she is. However bringing her to a less than green land wouldn't work in the long run (IMO).
> Check the FAQ you mentioned - it's all in his loincloth.

"A fifth Grisly Portion, Tada's Loincloth, is said to hold the fertility of Prax, and is the most frequently reported other portion. It has not been seen or reported since before the Dawn."

That's a good point, Tada maybe holding Prax's fertillity.

So there's a complex mythical relationship in the area. Genert was the land god (earth rune), Eiritha the animal and people mother (beast, fertility), Storm bull is animal and people father (beast, storm). Tada is the fertility of Genert's garden (fertility) doesn't quite make sense. Tada may have Genert's hidden fertility. A part the Hyena didn't eat. Tada was Genert's defender and hero.

> Prax once was a Redwood Savannah (which I have quite a hard time to imagine, I admit), ruled by Tada as husband-protector of Eiritha of the Paps (or whatever that site was called before Eiritha was buried).

The Redwood Savannah was in Troll Pack IIRC, but I don't see the reference to Tada being a husband protector of Eiritha. I've only seen him mentioned as a great hero. I realise that if he has a kingdom he must be a king, but why did you call him an Earth King?

> > Who would bring the regular rains? there is no rain god in Prax. You need something huge to happen to change this (the Hero Wars).
> There is, he's called Little Brother.

Do you imagine Little Brother (Orlanth) supplanting Storm Bull?

> ILH 1, p.25 tells us that they maintain their nomadic lifestyle on the plateau, in the same breath as naming their current leaders sophisticated Lunars. It is quite clear that such a culture cannot initiate their young people in the cities of the tributary lands.



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