Umathela in the Second Age -- Geography

From: giannieanna <giannieanna_at_OVr1ZhYe9CJp_a0kcq9qMzEFunSlGtedo8Hi_wRRCmzQ1CLMovOXBG9oO6RyOEQq>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 22:41:18 -0000

The Mongoose books mention seven cities of the God Learners in Umathela, viz:
1. Arstranwal
2. Korreinwal
3. New Hrestolket (the "capital city" of the Coalition)
4. Noarn
5. Tarstargawal
6. Varanswal
7. Yoranday

Unfortunately, there aren't any maps of Second Age Umathela in the Mongoose books. Using various other sources, I have managed to locate cities #6 and #7. Where are the other five cities located?


PS-- The Glorantha wiki mentions a further city, New Froswal.            

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