Re: Tada and Prax was Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 04:46:37 -0000

> >> The lion skin cloak is actually Tada's own skin (from the Tada Q&A

>> I think that you misread that

> From the page referred to:

> "They are his leadwood club, the wind sandals, lion skin cloak and
battle mask. These artifacts are actually his hand, feet, skin, and face preserved by their own great magical power."

> Rather hard to misread.


I still don't see that having a protector hero known for having a lion skin and a dead lion Great Spirit in the same place could be unrelated. Obviously Tada was a man of many parts - and these may have been integrated from overcome foes.

Can Harrek take off his bear skin? If he got dismembered, how would the bear skin be remembered, as the Polar Bear Spirit (never seen outside of Fronela and North Pent) or as part of Harrek?

Before taking this too far, Harrek never bound himself to a land in any permanent way, has all his magical parts from one source, and there is an unclear reference of him and JarEel having a mutually disfiguring/dismembering duel: Harrek irrevocably getting his foot chopped off, cut from the eye to the hip and a spear stuck in his chest rather than being skinned by JarEel, before cutting her heart out (in Argrath Saga Part 3, only in the Southern Version).            

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