Re: Iqari

From: loosmoos2006 <loosmoos_at_pyTYplV8YVv1cl7LzS3q3KQD9PFJYLmnR7A6l1PyNFniOVlrYI1Onzc3aZsiUdFso_a>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 13:16:40 -0000


Gwenthian Iqari are hawk-headed. I have a few illos in the Gwenthia "Iqari Book" but the PDF appears to be unavailable online at present.

I presume the same body form has been retained and ported to Glorantha.

Dr Moose
(Co-developer, Gwenthia, and Continuum Community Rune Priest)

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