Re: Dirty praxians are fronelan knights ???

From: jorganos <joe_at_cwfbIwUayiRhepT72HR6rFTr2Kf0anvSCdE1lqbdKAoY1A3kWJO0WmeL-q3jBKatXHgTO_h4>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 19:06:40 -0000

Herve of the strange antiquotes:

> The Praxians in Peloria and Fronela came over a thousand years ago. Their culture has changed dramatically, most largely adopting the surrounding cultural norms - albeit with the Praxians forming a warrior-nobility of sorts (as they did in Sylila, Vanch, and Fronela).
> /// That's all news to me. Praxians migrated as far as Vanch and Fronela ? And became local warlords ?? Us good malkioni don't like that. Burn the spreader of lies !

Fronela is not quite identical to Loskalm...

The Dawn Age Battle of Eleven Beasts had Fronelan Hsunchen and Praxian mercenaries having a field day. Survivors from both sides remained in the region, IIRC southwest of the Sweet Sea.            

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