The moon and the Telmori

From: Lord Hennamono <lord_at_n0pBvnHiLqbTJjNj-VgB9EFwERONUpGEk6MbDFFlw7iLY_FvuH8a_gcP39_1ZiOdEvrjp14>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 20:38:47 +0000

The discussions on the moon reminded of something else I had wondered about. Sources say the cursed Telmori are forced to take wolf form at the full moon, which is on Wildday. But the moon is not full on Wildday everywhere in Glorantha.

Would Telmori in other regions be forced to transform on the day of the full moon whenever it fell, or is it always Wildday? I believe the Telmori curse predates the moon which would make the latter more logical, but the mythical archetype of the wolf howling at the full moon would make the former more satisfying.

Does anyone know if this is answered anywhere in canon?            

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