Re: The moon and Wildday

From: Lord Hennamono <lord_at_9_Opgp6J1p5C1oHo55TiWktibtPOLX0vmPv76yoG3RE4P7vRecuDPUE3_v66fO-SZDdJMjf>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 23:04:46 +0000

On 27/02/12 22:12, Trotsky wrote:
> In the southern provinces, surely it must? (Or most of them, at any
> rate). And much of southern Dara Happa too, for that matter, including
> Alkoth. At least, I can't see why it wouldn't.

I work on the following assumptions:

(1) each phase of the moon effects a seventh of the world
(2) this effect starts from the moon, directly above Glamour
(3) full moon falls on Wildday in all the places my campaign has
explored (Esrolia, Sartar, Pavis)

If these are all true it fixes the zone in which the full moon is on Wildday quite strictly!

Included are indeed Alkoth (but not Darjinn which might have interesting significance), also Imther, Vanch, Holay, Tarsh, but only eastern Aggar, western Balazar, most of the Dagori Inkarth, Sartar, the Grazelands, Kethaela, Prax and Vulture's Country.

Most of the Wastelands, eastern Balazar, Jarst, the Redlands and the Elder Wilds are however a day out in the one direction whilst Dorastor, Eastern Ralios, Seshnela etc are the other way.

Oraya and Fronela are two days to either side and Carmania and Eol three.

I have wondered if there is significance on which day the moon is strongest for different parts of the world though I haven't actually tried to analyse this in any detail...            

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