Re: The moon and the Telmori

From: David Cake <dave_at_DlSYylit8HsHID_LywoAJwSK8JxO7u4o0lKfVJmk3lpFkxKWF3dQmeAznSKPSVMP9wvky03>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 09:13:45 +0800

On 28/02/2012, at 5:53 AM, Trotsky wrote:

> Lord Hennamono wrote:

>> On 27/02/12 21:06, <> wrote:
>>> Telmori who supported gbajii the devil were cursed by Ascended 

>> Master Talor to revert to
>>> base beasts every wildday, for that is the day when bhodisavatta 

>> Talor cursed them at the
>>> end of the first age. It predates the blood moon's rise by over a 

>> thousand years.
>> Is there a canon source for this? (Not the date or event but the fact
>> that it definitely the day that matters)
> An out-of-print source, so possibly Naughty to mention it, but this is 
> stated to be the case in Dorastor: Land of Doom, which is presumably 
> still canon.

	If an out of print source is the best source we have, it remains the best source we have. 
	There are plenty of reasons to be wary of details of that writeup - our understanding of spirit magic has changed a lot since then, for example. But details that are not contradicted elsewhere, are probably still true. 

> Although, that gives the reason for the day as being > Nysalor's choice, not Talor's.

        Yes. It says Nysalor blessed them, and then Talors curse reveals the chaotic nature of Nysalors blessing. I think the original blessing allowed them to take wolf form every Wildday, the subsequent curse forces them to.

>>> Also note the majority of telmori are not thus cursed, and do not 

>> have to change to wolf
>>> form once every week.

>> Yes, as I understand it pure Telmori are just ordinary Hsunchen who
>> transform themselves by magic. But how does it work for the cursed? Are
>> they forced to use their magic on Wildday (and so presumably wouldn't
>> transform if they had been prevented from learning it or been somehow
>> deprived of it?) or is the transformation separate to their Hsunchen
>> magics (so on other days they could transform using magic without a
>> degrading of their minds?)

> Again, according to Dorastor: Land of Doom, the transformation is > "without magical aid", and not part of their usual magics.
	Though their usual magics can be used to enhance their werewolf form. Not all werewolves are equal. 



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