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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 12:15:15 +0000

On 27 Feb 2012, at 20:30, Lord Hennamono wrote:

> My understanding is the Glowline is produced not by the moon but by the
> Reaching Moon temples. Thus the Goddess still waxes and wanes but lunar
> magic remains strong because of the power emanating from the temples.

Some of you may not have seen Nick Brooke's Moonie Madness section on his website:

it has some interesting ideas on the moon and points out some mistakes in publications about the moon.

There's a good section on the phases:

The way the moon turns

There's also an article by him in an ancient tome called Codex 1 (1994), called Red Gaze of the Moon (Phases of the Moon are not a simple matter) that tell of different phases in different places. All you need is a map of the empire, a protractor and some simple maths (involving 1/7 x 360 degress) and bingo, you can work out holy days anywhere in the empire. It does also make more work for the ref as he says.

(Perhaps rule one could get permission to reprint it?)


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