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Perhaps I should introduce myself? I've lurked this list and the Glorantha Digest before it with scarcely a contribution but as I seem to be posting now perhaps I should say who I am?

I used to play D&D and long ago (don't ask me which issue I can't remember!) White Dwarf published an article on monsters as characters. I liked the idea and a friend said that in RQ you could play anything. I toddled off to the Games Centre on Oxford Street (remember that?) and bought the RQ2 rule book. That was it I was hooked!

I started my Glorantha campaign in 1985 (I have also run on-and-off games in my own world Aldion but always return to Glorantha) at which time we agreed to keep a 1-to-1 with real time so as we stated in 1600 the current game year is 1626 - but we've YGWV'd away from published history a lot!

Players have come and gone of course but it has alway been fun! Please keep it alive for all of us - I might not agree with everything published today (we are still using a highly-modified set of RQ3 not HQ) but it is all inspirational to our game!

Lord Hennamono AKA Johnny English            

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