Re: The Bat attacks Whitewall - timeline?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_WmT17cwWYBmnOa-6w3Frx8Bx5t_1qpRt0nPBitoF9FbiavXTFR9Lxfi0l0wxjIw8dEK4>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 08:43:12 -0000

> > The Bat attacks Whitewall in 1620 - no specific date is given as of yet. The Bat is defeated by the defenders of Whitewall - which frankly is one of the biggest defeats the Lunar Army has experienced in a very long time and triggers lots of other activity in the Provinces. There is an article in the coming edition Wyrms Footprints detailing the Military History of Dragon Pass from 1602 to 1625 (considerably expanded and corrected version of the original article that appeared in Different Worlds a few decades ago).

One thing worth keeping in mind is how much of the Lunar Empire's military strength is tied up in Dragon Pass and the Holy Country. Pretty much the entire Provincial Army, most of the Lunar College of Magic, several Heartland foot and horse regiments, and the mightiest of the Lunar Empire's magical "superweapons". All in all, the paper strength of the Lunar Army in Dragon Pass (and the Holy Country) is over 25,000 soldiers (comparable to the army Julius Caesar initially assembled to conquer Gaul), close to a third of the total professional military of the Lunar Empire. At the same time, the Empire has growing raids on the Redlands by Pentans, a civil war in Aggar, growing fear about Charg, and a major White Moon uprising.


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