Re: The Bat attacks Whitewall - timeline?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_ALwsfnWDx5C_imq0huFuLiogKK9uMOMMwbFBHyCs7ybj5LpkI_Wsex6F1sSqxIaBcoAk>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 09:50:48 -0000

> How much of this military commitment remains to be present at the dragonrise/dedication ceremony for the new Reaching Moon Temple?

Much of it. By 1625 Tatius has assembled much of the Empire's magical strength, political leadership, and miltary heirarchy at the Reaching Moon Temple. If he successfully performs the ritual, the rebellion will be crushed and the magical geography of Dragon Pass dramatically changed (at least for a generation, maybe longer). It is a bold and brilliant move that has the full support of the Red Emperor.

And it fails spectacularly.

> How much of a Pearl Harbour or Cannae is that in terms of demilitarizing the Empire?

Worse. More like Napoleon's 1812 Russia Campaign condensed into a single awful day. After the Dragonrise, the Provinces are quickly lost to the Empire, the Pentans threaten the Heartlands, and things get much worse. Fun times to be a Lunar player character though!


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