Re: The Bat attacks Whitewall - timeline?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_SS2FsaiqjmdttsYKrrXDk2rruIU9cTYhQ0ev7OI-qpQJdMKtinyiTz1lWTDbZfvWTKhK>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 14:06:30 -0000

> I admit I'm not really sure as to what's supposed to happen to the provinces after the Dragonrise.

Well, much should make a lot more sense when you have the Guide and know more about the provinces. That's an area that Nick, Greg, MOB, and I really did a lot of new work. That section of the Lunar Empire chapter is over 10,000 words plus detailed maps of each province.

In fact, there is so much new material in that section that I'm going to wait until the book is released so that other people can start speculating on what it all means. But a few minor observations circa 1621+:

Aggar has been in a state of open civil war since 1620. King Rascius seeks to restore order in his fractious kingdom without bringing in the Provincial Governor.

The ambitious young queen of Holay ascended the Horse Throne and took the Necklace of Radiance accompanied by omens of forthcoming glory. She is as yet unmarried and without offspring, but has vowed that her unborn daughter shall marry the king of the world.  

Vanch's king is known for his great learning and scholarship, and for his prodigious appetite of drink and carnality. His rule alternates between indolence and cruelty, and he governs through a procession of short-lived favorites.

Tarsh's favorite hero, Fazzur Wideread, continued to serve as the savior of his kingdom after being unjustly removed from office by the Red Emperor and his faction is large, angry, and increasingly anti-Lunar.


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