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From: David Cake <dave_at_3HoV0HBnteOhkI9dNdmpLAItdmTn_TQ0XhQI3d9ewanYWp0MpF1JwLEHk2wcstSHecVCzpv>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 11:29:46 +0800

On 01/03/2012, at 7:40 AM, Lord Hennamono wrote:

> On 29/02/12 13:14, Daniel wrote:

>> I'm new here myself. I personally quite enjoy stories of long-term campaigns and 

> Glorantha variances, so I wouldn't mind hearing a little more about some
> of the highlights
> if you please.
> I'm not sure how to answer that! :)
> Many of our adventures have naturally followed through published
> scenarios and so even to summarize them would probably breach copyright.

        To roughly summarise in reporting your own campaign experiences does not sound like a copyright breach to me, and if it was, would still fall within fair use. Worry about copyright if some obnoxious fool sends you a letter, which I doubt will happen. And I don't think you need to even really do that - we want to know how your experiences differed from the set plot, not when you followed it.         

> But some favorite moments might be when Oghma Samildanach caused a big
> stink in the Tin Inn, when Muruah the Minotaur got his horns stuck in
> the ceiling, when Eteurgus Galaops discovered what really went on in the
> Sairdite Inn "The Jaded Angel" and when the trickster Kevin Cowchanger
> faced up to the Krashtkids... such memories!!!

	This just piques my interest. 

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