Re: Rhino Helm

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_hHv36qAfSxi0WSgJEwqHFHq8YJLDvwq2wT2SCvYRZ3nsu3P0ra9JVh5clApktAhyDDl>
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 17:29:35 -0000

> I wouldn't interject with "Eurmal tells you...", in my mind that's the
> player's job. Wouldn't it be more fun if it was the player who said "I
> think Garstal should start hearing voices telling him to do dangerous
> things"?
> Phil.

I much prefer playing through madness provided by the GM. So you can struggle through it and against the hallucinations and such.


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