Re: Dirty praxians are fronelan knights ???

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Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2012 18:12:57 -0000

Me:>> The Dawn Age Battle of Eleven Beasts had Fronelan Hsunchen and Praxian mercenaries having a field day. Survivors from both sides remained in the region, IIRC southwest of the Sweet Sea.

> Didn't the Praxians come across in large numbers to help get rid of the Pentian rulers of Peloria?

That was after Argentium Thri'ile, something Plentonius avoided to mention.

> Some stayed in the Hungry Plateau as nobody else wanted it and they thought it wasn't as bad as Prax.

Those were sables, from the beginning.

It is possible that some of the beast riders at Eleven Beasts came from the Dara Happan lands, but IMO the Praxians delighted in serving the Council as mercenaries - getting fed and provided for until reaching the place where they could get plunder and glory - so I think that each such campaign saw massive recruitment in Prax.

> Others could have settled across Peloria. There's a writeup somewhere, can't remember where, of a Lunar Noble who maintains a small herd of bison, but he didn't come from the Hungry Plateau - I always thought it was a bit odd, but it makes sense in this context.

Exactly. IIRC he was a Dara Happan noble from the river valley.

If memory serves, one such noble from the Dawn Age also featured as a character in the Broken Council freeform.            

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