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On 3 Mar 2012, at 02:01, giannieanna wrote:

> The following is from the Glorantha wiki, under "Malki"
> 'Women can become Dolemi or Dryads'
> What are Dolemi?

>From my writeup of the Malki:

"Women are supported by their husband, and have special protections under the law. Most women consider themselves privileged, and happy with women’s tasks. The few who declare themselves independent are called dolemi, after the first woman to do so, and wear distinctive necklaces, no two beads of which are the same. Dolemi have all the rights of men of their caste. In Cerngoth, women have the additional option of declaring themselves to be dryads. They are treated, under the law at least, as female Aldryami, and thus outside human jurisdiction."

Obviously the latter is not relevant in the Imperial Age. And, the first may not be either.

FWIW, I can't imagine there are very many women who choose to become legal dryads.

David Dunham
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