Re: Malkioni cities

From: Jeff <richaje_at_H6GXM6tITDab8wJbd1A44yc3vnj3Xs0i-PZEGVVsL4HGUu8gSxOfF1-nUC8Yg0WPyxRu>
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 06:23:13 -0000

> The West (especially Loskalm, which particularly interests me) seems to have a strong interest in magical architecture. Might this result in some sort of geomantic or runic principles being used in city layouts? What form might that take?

Lots of fantastic forms. The city of Northpoint is perfectly circular with incredibly extensive and elaborate fortifications and each gate has double doors made of bronze. The Golden Gate Palace (home of the King of Loskalm and his Council of Wisdom) dominates the city. Across the Bay, Southpoint is defined by the impossibly tall Tower of Night and Day, where the great spells that maintain Loskalm are cast and maintained. And so on.

During the Ban, the Loskalmi *spontaneously* built buildings, walls, towers, mausoleums, domes, spires, etc., that reinforced the spells woven by Siglat. I say "spontaneously", because that's how everything seemed to work during the Ban. When the people of Agria rebuilt their city, they constructed a magnificent blue and red tiled Fountain of the Nymphs - which King Siglat had already anticipated and described down to the number of tiles!  


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