Re: Big Rubble

From: hcarteau_at_UazJzwoUiwmLCBi15sZ514EMzTQk91B_uv3_863_QUFXiSTvh4UwYmPrVtY94LrpI4Y
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 17:13:56 +0100 (CET)

De: "Phil Hibbs" <>

Mongoose produced an excellent setting book set at the end of the Second Age when Pavis was at its peak. The book has a few howling geographical inconsistencies with the original Pavis & Big Rubble material, but other than that it was top notch.

/// I agree ! It showed Pavis in its glory, with fascinating people walking its streets and plotting. However, even in this day, much of Pavis-Inside-the-Walls was grazing lands (for cavalry zebras and herd beasts). Strangely, the original walls, 25 m high, had been erected by Giants, who had cut slabs off their mountains, allied with Waha, to keep non-praxians to occupy this site again ! It failed and outlanders did occupy it again. One of them was Lord Pavis...            

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