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Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 17:15:17 +0100

My opinion about the subject.

There was a split among the people of logic. One side chose to have 4 classes (those who manage, those who know, those who use physical violence, and those who work). They became the Brithini.
Zzabur himself has to report to a talar manager. Let us have a thought for the poor talari. And another one for Zzabur who is managed by one of Talar's greatsons, a young inexperienced fool by his standard.

The other side chose to dispense with the managers. They became the Vadeli. That's why there were only 3 vadeli races. The browns focus more on physical work, the reds on violence and the blues on magic.
Each vadeli race is fairly independent, and can survive alone. The browns have restrictions on the weapons and the magic they can use. The reds have restrictions on the work they can do and the magic they can use.
The blues have restrictions on the work and the weapons they can use.

Since the vadeli dispensed with managers, they dispensed with laws and ethics.
A vadeli can do whatever strikes his fancy so long as his acts don't break his immortality.

The Brithini hate them because the Vadeli have near-total freedom.

The other Malkioni fear them because they are sociopath, and without Hrestol they would not have a
way to (more or less) safely deal with them.


Le 08.03.2012 22:13, a écrit :
> I've long wanted to see a story, any story, written/told by a vadeli.
> Don't think anything like that has ever been written by any of us.
> The brithini are not nice people ; they're not even people, more like
> mostali. Once, one of their number, a dynamic, entreprising talar of
> the Explorer clan, the Vyimorni, went beyond the limits set by Zzabur
> and discovered New Things, wonderful new magics and powers, inhuman
> foreigners who taught his tribe a lot.
> Zzabur hated that anybody could challenge his power and tried to
> coerce him into coming back ; in shutting up, when Vadel refused the
> greedy sorcerer tried to snuff him. Vadel fought back with all his new
> powers and allies. Things escalated, got Real Bad, mad powers were
> unleashed. The World ended. Vadeli power was shattered. Zzabur
> survived and wrote History, as winners do, and cast the Vadeli as the
> bad guys.
> So far, I have read nothing that demonstrates the vadeli are evil, and
> by that I mean D&D chaotic evil.
> Sure, they deal in slaves, drugs and weapons. Big deal - so do many
> Nolos traders.
> OK, they smell somewhat bad. But have you ever been downwind of a pagan ?
> Yes, red vadeli are bloodthirsty maniacs. So are the wolf pirates,
> which are even worse than red vadeli.
> Any one wants to comment ?

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