Uz and the All

From: hcarteau_at_1rBck-iAXFcEsEldL-e9SBKGLgAu8hncunozCCWXWfj0ASI2qFAgYJhZi_B3UaRoqpI
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 22:24:21 +0100 (CET)

Didn't think Nysalor and the Trolls ever got on -- the Trolls didn't want a new god of light  and left the Council over it.
/// They objected the way puny hoomans empowered the new God. Remember Uz wanted to make a Darkness God, but got outvoted / outmagicked, so they left.
I wuold have thought that 'Illuminated' Uz were rare, relative even to Illuminated humans, and that the few that were so Illuminated are more likely to be illuminated through Arkat than Nysalor
/// The word "Illumination" itself is not appropriate for Uz ; I prefer "Sensing beyond Darkness", "Touching Nakala", or whatever. And many Uz have Sensed Beyond, whether following Kortagi's path or others. I'm pretty none found the way in the Light ! Some zorak zorani Sensed Beyond in Fire, though.
Maybe Uz perceive it differently, but ti doesn't seem impossible to me that illuminated Uz might  learn to accept that Light is not inherently evil, just as they learn the same about Chaos
/// To me, it's exactly what Sensing Beyond / Touching the All is about : yes, such an Uz would realize Light isn't bad/wrong/evil, it just is. It would still be a biological danger for him though, exactly as an illuminated human would drown if kept underwater. And maybe some Illuminants could even adapt to this !

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