Re: Vadeli besmirching

From: Stephen Tempest <glorantha_at_H5KtT2bEeWInvKElL3erovTXygMsJPyuL87RVoU6fm1vRera5c09O3uRoWHT8xNBZ8>
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2012 23:17:13 +0000 writes:

>Also, I think you have to admit that their whole mandatory incest, patricide/infanticide and so on package is, at least, a cut above your usual everyday evil.
>/// They might be lies, slander, false horror stories spread by the brithini and believed by the human malkioni.

You know, I thought similar when I first read about the Vadeli.

They're a small ethnic minority with their own culture, language and religion. They once had their own kingdom, but it was destroyed and now they live in ghetto-like enclaves in large cities scattered over half the known world. They're heavily involved in trade and commerce, and very wealthy despite being treated as outsiders.

And their neighbours hate and fear them, and accuse them of all sorts of blasphemous and evil practices including child-slaughter and cannibalism

In short, I thought: the Vadeli are Glorantha's Jews.

But then I was told that no, the Vadeli really *are* as evil and depraved as their neighbours think. The stories aren't just prejudice and bigotry, but fact. And so the comparison to Mediaeval European Jews was a really unfortunate one to have made, in that context. :/


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