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"Daniel" <von_das_at_...>
>> Presumably the cities and buildings of the Serpent Kings actually did use the square shape a lot. Earth, and snakes, and so on...
> /// Good rokari don't "presume" about the dark past. Our dronari, working under the wise guidance of our talari, have almost torn down and removed from our Blessed Cities all fetid remnants of these days of sin and error. The stones they were built with, having been desecrated by the blood and gore of sacrifices, are thrown into the ocean or heaped in mounds far from men, with Wardings cast on them by our zzaburi.

Also keep in mind that most of old Seshnela nowadays is western Pasos, Castle Coast, or simply underwater. The Tanier Valley has its own pagan history, a crossroads between Seshnela and Ralios, and became part of Seshnela quite lately. Also got lost to Seshnela ever now and again...

There have been several outbreaks of severe monotheism in Seshnela, basically one in each age: after the demise of the Serpent Kings, at the arrival of the Righteousness Crusade, and at the rise of Rokarism.

Any of these will have taken some measures to negate former pagan influences. As the Roman Catholic Church showed in Europe, this always worked best by undercutting existing features and declaring them aspects of the One True Creed (or philosophy). So, naturally the earth magics require square structures to control and bind the erasanchula. It's all about wizards and essences. Trust the Church.            

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