Re: Uzuz

From: Lord Hennamono <lord_at_Ci3miWB6cSVkZP45r7XL5MPdLly8Muw-ezuE-TbcNgQ413IWkiQa2TE_t25c3uFhvVPiAlf>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 18:16:19 +0000

On 10/03/12 15:59, Tim wrote:
> I'd agree with the general opinion that short of a Heroquest, an Uzuz can only be born to
Uzuz parents, and even this is rare since the Trolls left Wonderhome for the surface world.
If trolls knew how to reliably breed Uzuz, then they would be well on the way to being free
of the Trollkin curse

Perhaps I have been playing things wrong all these years but in my Glorantha the Uzuz were all born in Wonderhome. All births in Hurtplace even to Uzuz mothers produce Uzko (or worse...). Some Uzko may come through their deeds to be regarded as Mistresses but none are born any more - just as no human is born a hero!

On a related note does anyone have a sane explanation as to why female trolls had multiple breasts prior to the trollkin curse?            

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