Re: HQ Glorantha: What's next?

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_VjTDwF2gNYYdb6CBJIzPkcA1fEyapq-H8eyllCBF1NZnSn27oMSAFeVQK>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 19:29:34 +0000

The Coming Storm is indeed set amongst the Red Cow clan of Sartar. I have visited that clan in the material on my website, covering the years that see the Fall of the Maboder. This new material is set much later in 1618-25 and covers the trials that the clan faces as the Lunar Empire waxes and wanes across Sartar. The scope of the material covers the rest of the Cinsina as well as northern and southern neighbours both Orlanthi, Duke Jomes, and the Telmori and the ghouls of the Woods of the Dead.

The material includes an extensive details on the personalities of the clans and tribes - these are the community at the heart of a community centred game - as well as places such as Red Cow and Dolutha forts. A large proportion is the campaign, which covers the beginning of the Hero Wars.

The game is clan and tribe-centred and focuses on events both small, such as feuds, and large such as the Great Winter of 1621-1622. However, it also provides the springboard for the PCs to undertake an epic heroquest to change the world forever - events that may lead the, beyond the clan.

I have learned much about the Cinsina working with Jeff and Greg which supercedes the material there.

Ian Cooper            

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