Re: Uzuz

From: Lord Hennamono <lord_at_9LVyYZ2_OameH3MKDVDVcmNm6OUVCTENegZ4c5CjP2Fsc2BJam6sZDbO9oruf_p8qxqAQRX>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 21:32:04 +0000

On 10/03/12 21:54, Glass wrote:
> Last time around the consensus was that it looks more fertile / archaic

I understand the aesthetic appeal but I don't accept "it looks good" as an explanation!

However having discussed it with my players I think we have a better explanation. The multiple breasts don't need to be related to multiple offspring. Not, that is, if we assume the Uz engage in creching. We know they are a matriarchal society and dominant females will be expected to reproduce because of the fertility elements of their religion but may be too busy to engage in child rearing. So mothers of lower rank would look after the kids. Hence the need to suckle multiple babies. That makes sense to us.

Also not convinced about the enlo not being suckled. Really? The things are weak enough anyway without having to starve in the early days? How would any make it at all? It seems more likely that there is a system whereby high ranking mothers pass on child care to the middle ranking, middle ranking mothers care for the uzko babies whilst the lowest ranking are expected to raise the enlo...            

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