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From: Richard Hayes <richard_hayes29_at_ZcxzQVsWXt03RA1uCXJdEB-taORnASPlQ6vOepk0g54Zq3lUpgGEQf4hv-2j>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 22:41:50 +0000 (GMT)

In relation to how Trolls might behave towards Chaos if Illuminated, surely there are lessons to be learned from Oddi the Keen, the Storm Bull-worshipping chieftain who becomes illuminated during the Reminiscences of Paulis (in Cults of Terror/Gloranthan Classics: Cult Compendium), but who reputedly ended his days drawn into an unholy alliance with the Chaotics in Dorastor against the encroaching Lunars. 

I wouldn't say that Oddi ever liked Chaos, but maybe the detachment of Illumination allowed him to play realpolitik with Chaotic fores and ally with the one he could beat on his own so as to use them as shock troops against the one he probably couldn't beat on his own?

The Troll hatred of Chaos is unarguable, but surely it is no greater than that of the Storm Bull

That said I think there must be something about the Troll mind/culture which made it curiously resistant to (and well-equipped to combat) Nysalorean Illumination -- why else would Arkat have become a Troll during the Gbaji Wars? 

Though maybe it is also as simple as the dichotomy between Darkness and Light, complete with some of the inferences previous contributors have drawn upon in terms of Light tending towards refinement(?) whereas Darkness tends towards something more primal? 

Richard Hayes

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Another potentially interesting perspective for this that just occurred to me - the idea of needing to "kill your mother" (as well as the Buddha and whoever else might have place inside your heart that would get in the way of your own self - metaphorically, of course) in Zen Buddhism. Certainly something that might be especially relevant for the mystic liberation of an Uz from his (or her) matriarchal culture!

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