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From: Richard Hayes <richard_hayes29_at_CT5XyJV_7zkV_s-t1UU0e1XUAC4o5mE63iMpjGGJeQ3iDhmrWu3wf-h0fyqt>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 13:33:27 +0000 (GMT)

Sorry, I was using Illumination solely in the sense of the understanding of Chaos that Nysalorean (and Arkati?) mystics can achieve -- and as Nysalor was a god of Light, his mystic revelation could be couched in these terms.  (I might use it for Lunar mysticism too (as the two are related), though "Sevening" is probably better for this).

I was not using the term for the higher stages of all mysticism. I would probably use the term "enlightened"/ "enlightenment" as a more neutral term for what all successful mystics are/become. I concede that it still has the same  Light-centred connotations, but it is not as specific as "Illumination" in a Gloranthan context , which means a particular kind of enlightenment in relation to how one perceives Chaos. I also agree that mystic beliefs associated with other runes might have their own term(s) for their path to enlightenment, reflecting these other runic associations.

In Glorantha you want/need culture-specific terms, but when discussing Glorantha "out of character" (like on this list) you often need a neutral term which describes equivalent ideas across several cultures, as well.

Is there an alternative term, say from RW left-hand mysticism(?), that gets the idea across without reference to light?

FWIW I agree that an Illuminated Troll will probably still be against Chaos (especially if they are Arkati) -- they just won't have the same "red mist" hatred of it.

Richard Hayes

From: Lord Hennamono <> To: Sent: Sunday, 11 March 2012, 23:27
Subject: Re: Troll illumination

I don't see that there is anything inherently light related about "illumination". Yes, Nysalor saw it that way but he was a light god so he would.

It is a fundamental insight into truth filtered through the preconceptions of those having the insight. So light/fire cultists are illuminated. Lunar cultists are sevened. I see no reason why darkness cultists wouldn't be benighted, air cultists respired etc.

Mysticism is not a monopoly of the light.

Also I think there is too much emphasis on illumination being related to chaos. That is Gbaji talking! How the insight modifies your worldview depends on what was there before.

I think an "illuminated" troll would see that chaos wasn't evil. But it still has no business being here. Send it back not because you hate it but simply because it is a discord that needs to be silenced...

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