Re: Uzuz

From: boztakang <daniel.mccluskey_at_WBpjrcc8Wad8vyb3BdNG_9udA-o9wai-jyMyg8aL6olpaAv6VxkDGfYLSUS>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 19:12:52 -0000

It's a wonderful image, but every troll knows that Arkat's Mother is Garazaf Hyloric, a proper and powerful Uzuz, rightful recipient of all praise for the glory of her unprecedentedly clever son. The Human female he tricked into loaning him a human body so he could steal all their secrets is hardly relevant, and certainly not deserving of praise or worship. (much more likely to be liquidated by agents of his "real" mother than worshipped by random arkati)

This could easily be a case where MGF and YGWV trump all, however :-)            

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