Re: Uzuz

From: boztakang <daniel.mccluskey_at_uG0yvZVSMViU23t7VxxT1HITBXvq1qGG4fl-dFWK55ovTA42gKXla4T6slv>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 19:43:54 -0000

Wet-nursing is definitely common, and certainly made more efficient by multiple dugs. I still think the main reason is simply that infant uz are very, very hungry creatures, and can easily consume 3x (or more) the milk that a human infant would require.

I don't agree that a mother, however busy and important, would voluntarily miss out on directly feeding her own children for any reason. A high-ranking mother might have several wet-nurse slaves to Augment (but certainly not replace) her own production, but will always consider herself the primary source of nurture (mentally and physically) to her own children. In especially close-knit clans, mothers might raise children communally, including feeding, but that is probably more an exception than a rule.

> Also not convinced about the enlo not being suckled. Really? The things
> are weak enough anyway without having to starve in the early days?

Even though they are stunted, weak, and pathetic, Enlo still have some of the digestive prowess of their superior relatives. When grown, they live mainly on rubbish, feces, and other refuse of the proper uzko, and I see no reason why that would not start from birth. No changing diapers for an Uzko Mom! not while she's got some poor soul's kinlings about to clean things properly. (or a properly trained value, if she can afford it) At least the wretches are good for something besides eating this way.

Anyhoo, why would anyone waste precious mother's milk on those stunted cursed little monstrosities??? far better to save it for a superior mother's proper children, to bind their loyalty now while they are still young and impressionable. Sure, she might beat you soundly if she catches you at it, but she can't watch them ALL the time, and they will always be hungry, so you will get your chance eventually. Definitely worth the risk when that strapping young infant grows up to be a terrible Death Lord. You will be grateful for any hold over him you can get, and there is no leverage more primal and enduring over any troll than a mother's milk.            

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